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Petoskey Sunset Showdown

High School Tournament Rules (13u through 18u)


Home Team will be decided by coin flip prior to the game.


A team leading by 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, or 8 runs after 5 innings shall be declared the winner.


*New Update All games played at Turcott Field (PHS Varsity will be 1:30 minute time limit in order to appease the city’s mandates of ending the last game at 9:30PM)


No inning shall start past 1 hour and 45 minutes after the start of the game for all other fields  Games will be 7 inning games unless the time limit has been reached.  If a game is tied at 1 hour and 45 minutes, international tie-breaking rules will be used until a winner is declared in the championship games only.  Pool play games may end in a tie.


International tie breaking rules for baseball will be a runner on second to start the inning (must be the last out), 0-0 batting count, and no outs.


Courtesy runners are optional for the pitcher and catcher.  The runner must be the last out or a player not in the game.


Base runners must slide or avoid contact with the defensive player.  Malicious contact will be at the umpire’s discretion, and will result in the player being ejected from the game.


There will be no Infield-outfield before each game (Please stay on the grass to the side)


Tie breaking rules – best record, head to head, run differential (runs for minus runs against with a maximum of +10 per game), least runs allowed, most runs scored, coin toss.  Once a tie breaker is thrown out, it will not be reverted back to.


Prior to the game, coaches must determine if they want to bat straight nine, EH, or continuous batting order.


MHSAA rules will be in effect for ejected players.  Ejected players must sit the current game and the team’s next game.  If a team is batting continuous batting order, the ejected player is skipped with no out.  If the team is batting a straight nine, the ejected player is an out.


If there are any issues with the rules, we will follow the MHSAA rule book or umpire discretion.  The umpires on the field are in charge of the game and will make the final ruling on any rule issue.

- There will be no limits on pitching.

- Bat rules for 15U - 18U BBCOR drop 3. - 13 and 14U No bat rules - MHSAA for Balk and Pickoffs - (No warning)

- Refund Policy Reminder: 2+ games played = no refund - 1 game played = 50% - 0 games played = refund minus $200 nonrefundable cost toward tournament expenses (All details listed clearly on website)
-If games are delayed or canceled due to weather we will access every field for updates on the ability to continue. It may include moving games from Petoskey to Charlevoix and vice versa.

-Our goal is to get every team multiple games. That comes first over rewarding a champion. If we have to continue with pool play games on the fields all day Sunday we will do that. If we are able to get every team a fair amount of games, the director will make a call to see if we have time for a championship and a fair reason to select two teams.

Petoskey Sunset Showdown

Youth Tournament Rules

1. Home Team will be decided by coin flip prior to the game. The home team will be the official

scorekeeper (book).

2. All teams must have their own insurance. No individuals or organizations running the tournament

will be held liable for player injuries. Please turn in your insurance prior to play at the concession at

Bates Field. Insurance can also be emailed to

3. Games will be 6 innings (home team leading). No inning will start after 1 hour and 30 minutes.

There will be a mercy rule of 15-run differential after 3 innings, 10-run differential after 4 innings,

and 8-run differential after 5 innings. There will be no time limit on the championship game.

4. Players can pitch 9 consecutive outs per game and pitchers cannot reenter the game as a pitcher.


5. Trips to the mound by a manager or coach may not exceed 1 per inning. The second trip shall

automatically result in the removal of the pitcher. A pitcher removed may not pitch in the same



6. Free substitution in field, except the pitcher.


7. All uniformed players must bat (continuous batting order)


8. Stealing of all bases will be allowed after the ball crosses the plate. If the runner leaves early the

umpire will send the player back to the base he left early from. Runners can attempt to score on a

wild pitch or over throws from the catcher to the pitcher. This will be considered a live ball. Once

the pitcher has the ball on the mound play will be stopped. 8U teams may not steal home. You

cannot lead off.


9. Courtesy runners are allowed for the pitcher and catcher. The player who made the last out (batting)

will be the runner.


10. Runners must slide on close plays. It will be the umpire’s judgment to call runner out if the player

doesn’t slide.


11. No appeal on missed bases. If the umpire sees it, it will be an automatic out.


12. Dropped third strike rule will apply in all age categories except the 8U and 9U age group.


13. Three warm up pitches to start each inning and 7 for a new pitcher during an inning


14. No infield practice before games


15. Official little league rules regarding bats. Must have USA stamp.


16. No metal spikes allowed on any field - Rubber cleats or turf shoes for Boyne City field


17. Please have your team ready to play 30 minutes prior to start time. Games will start earlier if we are

ahead of schedule. We will take into consideration teams traveling from field to field.


18. Four innings will be considered a complete game unless the time limit or mercy rule was used.


19. Tournament officials reserve the right to change the format or rules due to weather or other

circumstances. There will be no refunds due to inclement weather.


20. Pool winners are determined in the following order: record, head to head, run differential (+10 max

per game), least runs given up, runs scored, and coin toss. Once a tie breaker is thrown out, it will

not be reverted back to.


21. 8U teams only will be allowed to play with 4 outfielders (10 defensive players)

(Even spacing - Left field , Left Center , Right center, right field) all feet in outfield


22. USSSA Rules for birthdays. Age at May 1st cut off.

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